Ori The Collection (Nintendo Switch)

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Ori The Collection (Nintendo Switch)

Ori The Collection (Nintendo Switch)

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This would be for nought if the gameplay wasn’t up to snuff, but Ori And The Blind Forest certainly isn’t all style, no substance – the game is also a joy to play. Taking its inspiration from Ubisoft’s more recent Rayman outings, everything feels smooth and fluid, yet also precise and intricate. The game can certainly be challenging, but it never feels like you’re fighting with the controls to make Ori do what you want them to do. This sense of having full control over the character is critical to ensuring the game’s challenge never becomes frustrating, as Ori And The Blind Forest always makes sure the player feels that they CAN do it; it’s just within grasp, they just have to try one more time. Free SpiritIn the wilder places the monstrous creatures call home, there’s as much or more to explore. Each region is lousy with secret nooks, hidden just out of view or behind a clever bit of foreground. It’s completely possible to rip through them en route to the ultimate goal at the end of the tunnel – and credit to Moon Studios for making huge sections of each environment completely optional – but the rewards for taking a peek in every crevice are vast. You can always trust iMore. Our team of Apple experts have years of experience testing all kinds of tech and gadgets, so you can be sure our recommendations and criticisms are accurate and helpful. Find out more about how we test. On the technical side, this seems to be an utterly flawless conversion from its Xbox One big brother. In fact, while we cannot verify this ourselves, reports suggest that the animation has actually been improved over the original version. It may not seem like a big deal that even the Switch manages to handle a fundamentally 2D game, but there is a little more to consider. Ori and the Blind Forest runs on the Unity engine, which has a history of performance issues on Nintendo’s device. It was one of the reasons why Yooka-Laylee took so long to arrive, and also why RiME didn’t turn out quite so well. With that in mind, the team have done an excellent job getting the game to run flawlessly with no notable dips in performance. There’s a Spirit Shard for seemingly every occasion, and while you start with a scant three slots to embed, as you uncover and conquer the wave-based Combat Shrines throughout the world your reward is more slots that let you extensively fine-tune your Ori. Eventually, I got to the point where there were some shards I just couldn’t live without, and so the additional options let me experiment with the unique ones liberally as needed, without having to lose my favorite passive abilities.

Ori: The Collection - Metacritic Ori: The Collection - Metacritic

There was a time when a platform holder publishing games for a rival format would have been completely unheard of. Unthinkable, even! Yet, a bizarre chain of events has seen Microsoft Studios release a handful of games for our beloved Switch, including the likes of Minecraft and, surprisingly, even Cuphead. While Microsoft has since played down the possibility of future titles making the leap, we’re delighted to see that 2015’s acclaimed Ori and the Blind Forest has made the journey to Nintendo’s hybrid device. Let’s see if it has survived the trip. For example, I immediately equipped the shard that let me cling to walls for fairly obvious reasons, alongside the upgradeable shard that reduced incoming damage by 10/20/25-percent. When I could finally afford it, I traded a whole bunch of currency for the shard that let me jump a third time before touching the ground – that one just felt like a no-brainer for reaching unreachable places. But there are many shards with quirky traits that I eagerly tried out to see what kind of fun builds I could put together. There are shards that increase your damage output at the cost of taking more damage, shards that give you more resources from slain enemies, and shards that give you a bit of a hint when you’re near a secret wall or tunnel.

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