Casio Men's SGW100 Twin Sensor Digital Watch

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Casio Men's SGW100 Twin Sensor Digital Watch

Casio Men's SGW100 Twin Sensor Digital Watch

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This is a term used by those who believe strongly in disaster preparation, whether for natural disaster, economic disaster, financial disaster, disaster brought by war, etc. People of this ilk are called survivalists or "preppers", depending on whom you talk to. I have a smaller 6.75" wrist. This watch has all that I want and fits me. That's why I bought it. I'm very happy with my SGW100. Great as a bug out watch, but also really good for daily use. The temperature sensor is inside the case of the watch. What this means is that body heat will always make the temperature reading not match what the actual ambient temperature is. To get an accurate reading, the watch must be taken off the wrist and let to stand for 20 minutes so there is no body heat left in the case. Featuring a resin band material, the watch is designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures. Its water resistance depth of 200 meters ensures that it can be submerged without getting damaged. However, it is worth noting that the watch is not completely waterproof, so caution should be exercised.

Equipped with an electronic compass, this watch aids navigation in unfamiliar environments. It provides accurate direction, eliminating the need for additional tools or devices. I did not buy the Casio SGW100 (mine is the SGW100B-3V model) for bug out purposes, but the more I examined it, the more I realized that this timepiece really is the best budget bug out watch one could buy. Examples of typical bug out watches To adjust for geographic north, the watch needs to have its magnetic declination set. This is simply a degree number. The digit display is huge, but done right. Very easy to read. How to use the thermometer and compass correctly True, it's not solar nor does it have atomic timekeeping. The watch has +/- 30 seconds a month for accuracy, so if you assume 1 second gained or lost per day, at worst you will only see the time off by 6 minutes after 1 year of not adjusting the time at all. And that's truly not bad. Certainly better than any mechanical watch. So why did I buy the SGW100?

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The SGW100 is a twin sensor, so it's not ABC. The two sensors are thermometer and compass and I'll get into more detail on those in a moment. Before I get into the particulars of the SGW100, the timepieces of choice survivalists go for depends on the specific functionality he's looking for. A compass will always point to magnetic north, which is not the same as geographic north. Out of the box, the SGW100 points to the same place a regular compass would, magnetic north. The Casio Twin Sensor SGW100-1V is a sport watch that offers various useful features for outdoor enthusiasts. With its compact dimensions of 51.5 x 47.6 x 13.2 millimeters and a weight of 55 grams, this watch is lightweight and comfortable to wear during any physical activity.

This watch is powered by a CR2025, no solar. Battery life is estimated to be 3 years. It has the ability to do world time with 29 time zones and 48 cities supported, supports DST, has 4 alarms + 1 snooze alarm, has a countdown timer (24 hours maximum) with auto-repeat and has a 1-hour maximum stopwatch. Think of this the same way as using a regular oral glass thermometer. When used in the mouth, the temperature changes because it's touching the body. When left to sit in a jar, in about 20 minutes it will show the room's ambient temperature. What makes the SGW100 the best budget bug out watch? Countdown start time setting range: 1 minute to 24 hours (1-hour increments and 1-minute increments) Once the declination is set correctly for where you are in the world, it will always be correct, provided you calibrated the compass correctly per the manual's instructions (which is also stupidly easy.)

This is my new daily wearer. I thought I could get away with wearing a simpler Casio digital, but as it turns out I really appreciate a watch that shows weekday/month/day on the face, has multiple alarms, countdown timer with auto-repeat and stopwatch. And I'm really liking the larger display as well. I thought it might be too large but it's not. The design is right. As noted above, I didn't get it for bug out purposes, but rather because it has every single thing I want out of a digital timepiece. One notable feature of the Casio Twin Sensor SGW100-1V is its built-in thermometer. This allows wearers to monitor the temperature and plan their outdoor activities accordingly, providing practical information to ensure comfort and safety. Take the watch off the wrist. Wait 20 minutes, then take a temperature reading. If it's off by a few degrees, you can adjust +/- however many degrees until it's correct...

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