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Updated: 29 September 2022 It is a thrill to revisit these characters in a brand new story. I hope families are going to love this comedy adventure story." — David Walliams Cabbagy Water stereo. Inevitably, a Strictly CD was playing. 50 Golden Greats from the Hit TV Show was emblazoned on the cover. Ben hated the CD, not least because he had heard it a million times. In fact, he had heard it so many times it was like torture. Ben's mum worked at the local nail salon, 'Gail's Nails'. Because there weren't many customers, Mum and the other lady who worked there (unsurprisingly called Gail) spent most days doing each other's nails. Buffing, cleaning, tnmmmg, moisturising, coating, sealing, polishing, filing, lacquering, extending and painting. They were doing things to each other's nails all day long (unless Flavio Flavioli was on daytime TV). That meant Mum would always come home with extremely long multi­ coloured plastic extensions on the end of her fingers. 15 Gangsta Granny It wouldn't. And now it was getting cold. Cold bits of cabbage, floating around in some cold cabbagy water. \"Erm, it's delicious, thank you,\" replied Ben. \"G00d\" • Plumbing Weekly shrouded the shop. \"Look! Best Before 15th of November.\" Ben studied the box. \"It says Best Before 15th of November 1996.\" \"Well,\" said Raj. \"Even more reason to put them on special offer. OK, Ben, this is my final offer. Buy one box of Cornettos, I will give you ten boxes absolutely free!\" \"Really Raj, no thanks,\" said Ben. He peered into the freezer cabinet to see what else might be lurking in there. It had never been defrosted and Ben wouldn't have been surprised to find a perfectly preserved woolly mammoth from the Ice Age inside. \"Hang on,\" he said, as he moved a few frost­ encrusted ice lollies out of the way. \"It's in here! Plumbing Weekly!\" \"Ah yes, I remember now,\" said Raj. \"I put it in there to keep it fresh for you.\" 35

Write about one of the adventures that granny might have had when she was the most wanted jewel thief in the world. I do not want to be unfair. This is a book for children. I am not a child, but a grumpy old man. Still, I occasionally read (and very much enjoy) YA novels, I just love funny novels and this is among the bestselling comedy books in the UK these are three valid reasons for curiosity - and there may be other adults like me tempted to try David Walliams. Look at the graph of told-offness in Chapter 27. Could you make your own graph about a similar topic? Walliams is a clever writer. He hides all sorts of moral lessons (which I usually hate) in his books and always with a light touch. In this book Ben loves his Granny but he thinks she's boring. She cooks disgusting-smelling cabbage soup and plays endless games of Scrabble. But... she has a biscuit tin of shiny jewels, or perhaps they are just glittery glass, only at the end do you find out. And so their joint career as jewel thieves on a mobility scooter attempting to steal the Crown Jewels begins. They are caught! But the Queen intervenes. She turns out to be quite an interesting lady who gets them off the hook!Gangsta Granny Strikes Again! is the latest David Walliams book to be commissioned by the BBC following Mr Stink, Gangsta Granny, The Boy In The Dress, Billionaire Boy, Grandpa’s Great Escape and The Midnight Gang. Cabbagy Water \"Are Mummy and Daddy not coming in?\" she asked, a little crestfallen. This was one of the things Ben couldn't stand about her: she was always talking to him like he was a baby. Broom-broom-brroooooooooommm. 1,'ogether Granny and Ben watched the little brown car race off, leaping over the speed bumps. Mum and Dad didn't like spending time with her any more than Ben did. It was just a convenient place to dump him on a Friday night. \"No, erm... Sorry, Granny... \" spluttered Ben. \"Oh, well, come in then,\" she muttered. \"Now, I've set up the Scrabble board and for your tea, I've got your favourite... cabbage soup!\" Ben's face dropped even further. Noooooooo 000000000! he thought.

The author gives a step-by-step guide for pretending to brush your teeth. Can you write a set of instructions which show people how to brush their teeth properly? Its a heart warming story about a boy who discovers that his granny is not just about cabbage and scrabble and is an international jewel thief. Together they plan the world's biggest heist - the Crown Jewels! Jo Sargent,Executive Producer, says: “We’re excited to be bring the next instalment of David’s Gangsta Granny to the screen with such a stellar cast on board, and to find out what Ben and friends, old and new have been up to since we last saw them.” David Walliamsin Gangsterimummi saattaa olla eräs suosituimmista alakoululaisille vinkkaamistani kirjoista koskaan. Niinpä olinkin tyytyväinen, kun huomasin kustantajan listoilla jatko-osan "Gangsterimummi iskee jälleen" (Tammi, 2023).

About David Walliams

As a brand, The World of David Walliams continues to grow: export sales have increased by 77% year on year with growth in every single market and David’s books are published in over 49 languages.

As well as being a No.1 best-selling Children’s author, David Walliams is one of Britain's most popular writers and comic actors.The illustrations in ‘Gangsta Granny’ by Tony Ross are lovely, however they don’t quite compare with those from the wonderful pen of Quentin Blake in ‘Mr Stink’. Draw a map of the Tower of London and use it to show how Ben and his granny might have broken in to the Jewel House. David Walliams says: “It is a thrill to revisit these characters in a brand new story. I hope families are going to love this comedy adventure story. A huge thank you to the BBC for making it happen.”

Look at the labelled diagram of granny. Could you create a similar diagram for another character in the book, or from another story? Write a biography for Flavio Flavioli, the dancer from Italy who performs on Strictly Stars Dancing. Their journey in crime is extremely entertaining, especially when they met the Queen.The language is conversational so it is easy to get swept along in the narrative but sufficiently peppered with vocabulary that could challenge years 3 or 4 in some places.

Even for non-Strictly fans, the laughter works on every level. Maybe the portrayal of the Queen stalking the corridors of the Tower of London at midnight gave her the courage to join in the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremonies accompanying James Bond to sky-dive into the stadium… Yes, ma’am, you were perfectly (and respectfully) portrayed. Maybe I would have fared better, if I liked his TV writing (Little Britain), but I am not a fan of that show at all, finding it either mean spirited, exploiting the worst stereotypes or just plain stupid. Sorry. Ben wants to be a plumber when he is older. What jobs might you like to do when you are an adult? What skills does each job require? The BBC can announce the commission of Gangsta Granny Strikes Again! an adaptation of the hugely popular 2021 children’s book written by David Walliams. He goes home and now can't wait to see his grandma again to find out about these jewels. But when his dad rings Granny up, she says she's too busy that evening to have Ben sleep over.

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