Diapered Challenge Party: an ABDL story

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Diapered Challenge Party: an ABDL story

Diapered Challenge Party: an ABDL story

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No- no- no potty- I dunno wha- potty is-" Lila jerks out before succumbing to another half-suppressed moan of pleasure. Feeling pleasure, she had a hard time not feeling a constant buzz, a drunken sensation that needed no drugs or additives as she had a hard time doing anything but feel touched and be touched with so many sensations. Thoughts of the constant dawdling and attention she got from her infantile life was way more pleasurable than any attention she got when she was a big girl.

She was determined for her Husband to see her as more than just a baby and give her the attention she desired. After ringing the doorbell and a moment of silence the door opened, as I felt the heating from inside hit me, a stark contrast from the cold. The thought of her caretaker walking up to her as she chewed her toes in her soaked pampers caused her to let out an involuntary moan at the thought of their face looking at her.Even if she leaned on the mop, not even started much less half finished, unknowingly soaking her diapers to the point of making a mess on the floor she was suppose to clean, and thinking longingly about what she missed. She loved how being Little meant that in exchange for generally being well behaved and obediant, her Mummy took care of all the little responsibilities, allowing her to be carefree like a child. Fury driving his hand much as he drove the vehicle, he pulled back into his lane and made it through the bottleneck. With a stretch, he set his beer on the table beside the couch, wrapping one arm behind her back before plunging a finger through the legband of her diaper, brushing his fingertips through the bush hidden within.

Her voice was sweet and syrupy, bringing more blood to my face as she led me by the shoulder to the bed.

Daniel Aster has a problem - He knows he's destined to be a great warlock, but he can't get any warlock schools to agree. It was just now crossing my mind that I was having so much fun with Rachel, that I completely forgot to ask about the kid, so taking the chance I turned and said, "Who's she, your sister? As every day pasts and Jenna finds her 'desire' to be a big girl quickly die only after a month of relearning how to walk, babble words that her dada 'could' understand as some kind of language, and now do something as adult as cleaning and organizing was something that she soon resented. And sometimes it steals up on you and before you know it your life has curved off in an unexpected direction.

At least wandering into Twinleaf Town has friendly people willing to give her a place to stay for awhile and even more care than she bargained for. In fact, as she continued to rub her pampers and feel how wet she was from both lips, the thought of making more of a present and finding herself to waddled with thicker pampers caused the adult toddler to bend over and push in front of her caretaker's door. Her screaming was now attracting unwanted attention as lo and behold, Sarah walks into the room, and it's flooded with giggling and laughter as she pointed at me, to her, this must've seemed like some sort of karma for us teasing her last night. And you see, it's not so easy to back out now," the caretaker went on, almost as if the hapless patient shivering before her had found a way to voice her frightened protests.It could have been any other apartment door in any other hallway, but the reason she was here was certainly strange.

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