Betty Dain Shampoo Hair Funnel

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Betty Dain Shampoo Hair Funnel

Betty Dain Shampoo Hair Funnel

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I remember for years people feed their dogs table scraps or what they ate then everyone was having a heart attack over that and said you could only feed your dogs dog food or it will make them sick. There is a really famous shampoo now that is suppose to be really good for your hair and gentle but we have had several who used that shampoo say they have switched over because they like it better. When I was growing up and my Mom was “in charge” of my hair she always washed it once a week and always rinsed with vinegar. I’m glad you put this hair washing technique on your blog because I got a real nice education on how nature uses sodium bicarbonate, and it’s many uses.

That you only need a dot but the toothpaste commercials show people filling up the entire toothbrush so that is what everyone does. As for the shampoo - I've read of people who swear by it and even prefer it to regular shampoo with water but for us it just didn't keep the scalp adequately clean over the long term. It partially solves the problem of getting water and soap in the eyes and ears of an elderly person I look after when I wash her hair (she cant tip her head back) but it does inevitably leak a bit. For people with dry scalps, add about a tablespoon of oil like extra virgin olive oil or even baby oil into your vinegar rinse. The only thing I can think of is she usually washes her hair in the tub where I stand in the shower and the water washes everything down.I noticed the no-rinse shampoo the home health agency uses is starting to leave a residue on Mom's scalp. I'm not in the room when the bath aide gives her a sponge bath, and I have been using soap and water on the weekends, but thought if the no-rinse stuff doesn't leave a residue it would be much easier to use that.

I think what will happen is you will find that it takes less of any of the products to achieve the hairdo you want. I followed the formula you listed and on the 4th day just put the vinegar on the ends but still it was really awful!I have to admit I was skeptical-but everything you wrote made perfect sense so I decided to give it a try. After using the baking soda and ACV, try using LESS product than you normally do (I actually used measuring spoons to get to the amount I needed.

She spends a lot of time in the sun and pool as a lifegaurd over the summer and her hair usually looks like straw come August. Crista, it is hard to tell what is wrong for sure but maybe if I tell you what helps me it might work for you. Hi There, I just started with the baking soda today… and I noticed that my hair still looks dirty, and the texture is very different. Every ones hair is different, I’m just thankful to have found this really works well for me, it just took a few weeks to figure out what exactly I needed to do. I have been using it for over 2 months because of a severe mosquito problem this spring and I am not going back.I am finding that I don’t have to use any products like mousse or gel because my hair is holding its curl better. You can also use it to wash your delicate things that you don`t want to put in the washer; also you could use it to wash your combs and hair brushes. What happens is normal shampoo strips the scalp of oil so your scalp then thinks it needs more oil so then produces more which means you shampoo more and then it produces even more oil.

The only thing doing it that way if you sometimes see white powder in your hair it is no big deal you just need to dissolve the baking soda more. If your hair tangles brush it before you get in the shower and after your shower is done stand in the running water and comb your hair before getting out of the shower.I’ve been using the baking soda/acv method for over two years, and my hair is in the best condition ever.

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