The Husky and His White Cat Shizun: Erha He Ta de Bai Mao Shizun (Novel) Vol. 1

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The Husky and His White Cat Shizun: Erha He Ta de Bai Mao Shizun (Novel) Vol. 1

The Husky and His White Cat Shizun: Erha He Ta de Bai Mao Shizun (Novel) Vol. 1

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Each and every one of the main characters in this narrative managed to shine, from the main couple to the supporting cast and even the antagonists. Sexual abuse is extremely fetishized and/or romanticized in this volume, as it is used either for shock value or just because. I know that Mo Ran regrets what he did and Chu Wanning doesn't even remember it but this doesn't discount what he did. He was the characters that are the most perfect portrayal of what "Character Development" is all about.

After thinking about this disparity, I realized why others like this novel so much: 1) the MC is the gong, and 2) the author has amazing writing skills (reason I gave this novel two stars except for one). But after he betters himself as a person, he beautifully and sublimely respects Wanning, and their developing relationship afterwards is truly wholesome, between Wanning learning to accept that he can, in fact, be loved despite his flaws and his unbecoming temper and Mo Ran discovering that Wanning is probs the most adorable person ever and spoiling him with his favorite food. For many people, Erha might not be a "typical" dog-blood novel, but I beg to differ because I've read so many danmei novels with plots similar to this. I know or I've heard there is more to it later on but this is what is presented in volume one, this is how I will talk about it for now. However, word of warning, this novel will make you stay up at 2 am contemplating on why you chose to read this.

Chu Wanning’s desire for his student is another way of self-torture and he would never act on it as long as Mo Ran doesn’t shock his inexperience shizun with his wicked tongue. I know Shi Mei is not guilty of Mo Ran’s being blind and deaf and oblivious of his own feelings even after having a lifetime to sort them out, but I deserve to hate someone for no particular reason other than getting in the way. Which I don't understand because the most arrogant character in the book is MC, but I guess his flaws can be overlooked because he's the protagonist.

Female supporting characters seem to exist only to suffer and (usually) die, if they're supposed to be likable, or act as a (n often villainous) caricature of unlikable female stereotypes if they're not. Mo Ran once again felt the vine binding him squeeze and twist, making his organs feel like they were going to wrench into mush.Mo Ran's character development is commendable, and I can give you it in a nutshell with a few of his lines throughout the novel. There is nothing so painful as seeing someone kind suffering, and poor Chu Wanning collected all the characteristics needed to feel miserable. But later, little by little, with his s*upid brain he started to realize that his entanglement of hate/love with his Shizun in both lifetimes occupies his thoughts much more and means to him a lot more. Yet strange new tragedies continue to unfold, and Mo Ran finds himself working alongside Chu Wanning to hunt down the mysterious culprit—a cruel mastermind who may know more about Mo Ran than even he remembers. Also Shi Mei, who was portrayed as a one-dimensional white lotus but actually had more depth to him than I thought he would.

Disclaimer: I've never harassed anybody for liking erha, and I have many friends that are huge fans of it - which is why I tried reading it in the first place. But alongside all that anger, disbelief, and sadness, the author's notes and mini theatres give you a piece of mind. Not to mention even if he isn't really actively doing anything he is just being an asshole or a jerk throughout the whole novel, and it is clear to me that 2ha isn't trying to explore him as a morally wrong charatcer or at the very least it is extremely bad at doing so, I did not find him compelling for the most part of these 500 pages. I’m probably biased because I wanted, needed to see Mo Ran realize he should be adoring Chu Wanning instead-come on, who in their right mind would choose Shi Mei when you could choose CWN? In this life, there was a person who loved him, and then it was discovered that person gave him life, a second chance to start over again in this world.

This work includes, but is not limited to, explicit content, rape, underage sex, gore, corporal punishment, torture, and mass murder. While for Shi Mei, although he also committed many crimes, he had not done anything that truly extraordinary, the things he did were mostly still the basis of what Hua Bainan did.

Shout out to the translations that list the trigger warnings before each chapter, because authors usually forget those. Therefore as a couple they're barely okay (poor CWN), but it decreases my enjoyment of the book unfortunately.He pushes those thoughts away, finding them horrible and himself disgusting, he does not persue Mo Ran or the feelings he has towards him. He was controlled by chess fraction plus he had a demon flower that's been planted in his body for over 8 years, so what do you expect? His shizun's eyes were half-lidded and his body trembled uncontrollably as he endured, but was still fucked into his own climax.

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