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Her Husband's Panties

Her Husband's Panties

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I just don’t like the idea of a man being very feminine,” she said. “I don’t even wear silk slips, what I look like coming in and you’re wearing one?Plus, it’s a slippery slope into other things. If you want to dress up like a woman, where do we go from there?” And as You show here, the male girl’s first wearing of a brassiere is a MAJOR ‘sea change’ in male ego control, re-evaluation of self image and proper reversal of power between the sexes. It is NOT a game or fashion statement, but an irrevocable contract that the male sex shall henceforth accept feminization and ALL the secondary requirements of submission embodied within previously forced upon the Female and demanded of Her. Although it seems stark… it is a final correction of nature. To clarify, I've raised two sons from infancy to adulthood. I still have one at home, on the cusp of leaving, ready to find his own way in the world. Neither of my two sons showed any interest in women's undergarments beyond the typical urge to explore the female sex and masturbation. To that end, i, like most mothers and sisters, have seen my panties dissapear, only to show up in the wash mysteriously later. I have never heard one of my brood ask to wear, or buy panties. Now, if they had, I would have been the supportive mother and tried my best to help my son's understand if it was a fetish thing, or a gender identity thing, or any of the myriad issues that might have cropped up. I love their daddy to pieces, and I love his femme alter-ego, but I don't ever think that I would have been anything more than a supportive mother of my son's had suddenly decided panties was the way to go. When I talk of my "boys" here, I am talking of my husband, his close mates, and a few of the boytoys I keep about for bedroom play with my big pantyboy hubby! I even have a bottom that joins on occasion to keep my big guy happy, he does enjoy a little pantyboy bottom of his own every now and then. All of this is about good clean happy healthy fun with consenting adults.... If you are reading more into that from my posts, you aren't quite getting my point, and I am sorry if I am confusing you. Finally, while it’s completely up to your husband whether he wears panties, boxers, briefs, or even goes commando, you’re absolutely allowed to set very clear boundaries around your panties.

She looked soooo good in all those things," he said, "and I wanted to buy them for you. But she asked about your body type and we agreed that it just wouldn't be the same on you." Even if it’s a slightly uncomfortable conversation, talk to your husband about why he enjoys wearing panties. Make sure that he knows you’re trying to understand, rather than judging him. This tool will do just that and pull up any hidden social media and dating profiles, photos, criminal records, and much more to hopefully help put your doubts to rest.

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The massage table was ready with oils and ointments laid out when Dawn eagerly removed her skimpy sun dress and then her panties until completely nude and climbed on to the massage table.

Wearing women’s underwear doesn’t make your husband any less manly, strong, or powerful than if he was wearing boxers. He can still be dominant, submissive, or neither. 5. It might not be something he wants to share with you But it is known to happen. I have heard to many crossdreamer stories about childhood feminization to believe this it is not happening. I doubt very much that this is causing them to become crossdreamers, though, as most MTF crossdreamers have not been feminized as kids. For some reason, it is the female family members who seem to be the most ardent "feminizers" of young boys – dressing them up as girls. I have no idea why this is so. But to me this is a violation of the child's trust. As soon as he came home that night I confronted him and he got really upset, saying he wasn’t having an affair, but that he likes to wear women’s lingerie, and it’s something he’s done in private for years. I imagine it’s not something you can come out and say easily because you’re probably terrified your partner won’t understand and will instantly leave you. So I wouldn’t get hung up on this idea that he’s deliberately lied to you.For us it has been a journey that has taken years to get to where we are today. We have always been sexually adventurous in the bedroom and have incorporated light toy and fantasy play since we were married twenty years ago. We have touched on many fantasies including group play and bisexuality for me, the male half. Mostly vanilla with some kink but overall very satisfying for both of us. More likely, he felt comforted when he wore women’s underwear so he kept doing it. Despite the initial connection to his mother, he now finds panties comforting because he has a long association between wearing them and feeling comforted. 6. It feels exotic, forbidden, and sexy Go ahead and reach out. Let him know that you were thinking about taking things to the next level—ughers to that phrase—before he told you about the other girl. You were starting to fall for him, you hoped he felt the same, and you were disappointed. But since he was only doing what you asked—keeping it casual—you can’t fault him for keeping his options open, looking around, dating other girls, et cetera. And you can’t fault him for failing to read your mind. Focus on accepting him and remembering that he’s still the person you married, rather than trying to push yourself into something that makes you feel uncomfortable. 4. Ask him what wearing panties means to him I know many males reading my posts don’t have too much of a problem being feminised and that’s great that they realise what they need to be. But others such as my Alice, need a bit of a push as they don’t understand what’s best for them.

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