Myprotein Unisex Adult Mini Bottle Shaker - Clear, One Size, 400 ml (Pack of 1)

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Myprotein Unisex Adult Mini Bottle Shaker - Clear, One Size, 400 ml (Pack of 1)

Myprotein Unisex Adult Mini Bottle Shaker - Clear, One Size, 400 ml (Pack of 1)

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People who have multiple supplements such as pre-workout, intra-workout, and post-workout that they want to travel with. Testing Notes: “After two minutes, it was ready to go and nicely mixed. I actually enjoyed the drink.” Shaking your protein drink by hand is so old-fashioned. If you want to upgrade your shaker bottle, the VOLTRX Premium Electric Protein Shaker Bottle uses electric power (via micro USB C charging cable) to perfectly mix your drink every time. The result? A silky-smooth texture that’s a delight to drink. A single press of the mixing button triggers 30 seconds of almost-silent blending, and a double press activates three minutes (which was more than we needed in our tests, FYI).

One charge lasts about 15 uses, which isn’t as efficient as the PROMiXX Pro Shaker Bottle or VOLTRX Premium Electric Protein Shaker Bottle. The Blendjet 2 is also way longer than everything else we tested (despite having only a 16-ounce capacity), making it a little cumbersome. People who want a shaker bottle that doesn’t make a ton of noise will appreciate that the agitator is attached to the lid here.

Eco-friendly bottles

Material: Many shaker bottles are made of plastic but there are also glass and stainless steel options: Your bottle’s internal mixing system should be effective enough to blend any powder into your liquid base. Options ranging from metal or plastic whisk-like balls to solid silicone or plastic mechanisms will all efficiently break up clumps. And bottles with screens, like Matrix’s Insulated Shaker Bottle, agitate ingredients just as well while shaking.

Afterward, testers poured out the remaining liquid and cleaned the shaker bottle according to the manufacturer's instructions. Our only note was that the blending mechanism (aka the plastic blades) left our drinks a little too frothy for our preferences — but if that’s something you want in a drink, you’ll be happy with this shaker bottle. The capacity is also a tad small, especially considering how much space the pod takes up when secured in the bottle. Between pre-workout drinks, drinkable greens, coffee mixed with collagen, and protein powder shakes, adding a scoop of your favorite supplement to your drink is an easy way to get more nutrients into your diet.And if you're aiming for certain fitness-related goals (think: a new deadlift PR, or running your first half marathon), you'll need protein easily accessible after your workouts.

How to make a protein shake

This shaker bottle has two compartments to hold both pre- and post-workouts. It is BPA-free and has the capacity to hold up to 30 ounces of liquid — 15 ounces per compartment. Both sides can be filled with the same liquid making this one of the larger shaker bottles available on the market. Hydra Cup Dual Threat

Using a Vital Proteins Protein Powder, testers were instructed to fill each shaker bottle with the correct amount of water for the perfect powder-to-liquid ratio. Then, using the included measuring spoon, testers added a scoop of protein powder to each bottle. After sealing the shaker bottle securely, they shook vigorously for about 30 seconds, or as recommended by the manufacturer. Testing Notes: “Not only does it do what it's supposed to do, but the rubber grip and easy-to-tighten opening are an added convenience.” Also, a proper cap and leak-free seal are essential. Along with being secure and easy to use, we also have a few more suggestions on what to look for when scouring the market. Use This is a solid option if you value design. Not only is the bottle customizable when it comes to color and size, but it is also designed to keep your drinks at your desired temperature for many hours. Plus, the agitator that’s attached to the lid is highly effective and much quieter than your average loose agitator.

Rewards For Life

You can only mix powder so well with a spoon unless you splurge for an immersion blender or milk frother, and those are generally more expensive than a shaker bottle. Shaker bottles are specifically designed for blending up powders and breaking down clumps, making for a more pleasurable and overall easier experience when drinking down a supplement that you may not entirely want to drink in the first place. Easy to Clean Brands on the market offer anywhere from 16- to 24-ounce bottles as well as larger versions in whopping 45-ounce volumes. Whatever you spring for, ensure it’s easy to grip and shake to avoid messes when you're in a pinch. The smallest bottle on our list is the Blendjet 2 at 16 ounces, while our largest, Matrix’s Insulated Shaker Bottle, has a 30-ounce capacity. Material For the purposes of this test, our tester used the device to make a protein shake. And after adding two scoops of protein powder to the well-labeled cup, she pressed the button and, within one minute, had a clump-free, frothy, and smooth protein shake. With two inner compartments and two snap-shut mouth spouts, the Hydra Cup Dual Threat is the best 2-in-1 shaker bottle we tested. We recommend it for those looking to store both pre- and post-workout drinks for on-the-go sipping. Our tester appreciated the latch-on lid and carry loop for worry-free portability.

While this bottle is more expensive than basic plastic shaker bottles, it’s made of stainless steel, so it will likely last you much longer — plus, its attached agitator mixes great and creates very little noise. Best Two-Chamber Shaker Bottle Plastic is often lightweight and affordable. It can be transparent so you can see what you're shaking up. Most protein shakers aren’t meant to handle hot liquids, but the Homiguar Shaker Bottle can. Thanks to the durable 18/8 stainless steel insulation, this bad boy can keep cold drinks chilled for up to 20 hours, and warm drinks warm for up to 8. (In my testing, these claims hold up.) This shaker has a 20-ounce capacity, but there’s a measurement line inside that goes up to 18 ounces. What's more, the device essentially cleans itself—earning a perfect score of 5 out of 5 for ease of cleaning. All you have to do is add a drop of soap and some water, push the machine's blending button, and rinse. Our tester appreciated the effortless maintenance of this PROMIXX bottle. The methodology we used to select our favorite shaker bottles included shaking and attention to design details. We looked for shaker bottles that were affordable, durable, and had good mixing ability. DesignBut if you want to be subtle about mixing your protein shakes, this may not be the shaker bottle for you. The wire mixing ball clattering around the stainless steel bottle gets pretty noisy. The wire blending ball is standard but gets the job done, earning a 4 out of 5 for effectiveness. After 30 seconds of shaking, the liquid and protein powder were well-combined. But the bottle and ball were quite noisy during mixing—a fine trade-off for the bottle's high-quality durability, according to our tester.

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