All Her Fault: The breathlessly twisty Sunday Times bestseller everyone is talking about

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All Her Fault: The breathlessly twisty Sunday Times bestseller everyone is talking about

All Her Fault: The breathlessly twisty Sunday Times bestseller everyone is talking about

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Have you ever been punched in the face by a book? Well, I've been repeatedly and unapologetically punched in the face by this one and I have to say I loved every minute of it! It was gripping and emotional and I couldn't put it down. The twist was intricately woven into the storyline, but so cleverly done that I didn't see it coming at all. I loved the relationship between the women, and the wonderful portrayal of female friendship developing even in the darkest of circumstances. Eleanor Ray, author of EVERYTHING IS BEAUTIFUL

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Marissa Irvine believes her son Milo is on a post school playdate with Jenny’s son Jacob and duly arrives at 14 Tudor Grove to collect him only to find the front door opened by a complete stranger. Thus begins every parents nightmare. Jenny is in France on business and has no knowledge of any arrangements and over the next few days suspicions fall in several places. The story is told from several perspectives including Marissa and Jenny which works very well. Immediately compelling, All Her Fault explores every mother's worst nightmare and delivers deftly original twists." - Phoebe Morgan Someone has taken Marissa's child; the fun in this fiendishly twisting narrative is trying to work out who that might be. Irish Independent History Makers: Female Writers Dominate the 2023 William Hill Sports Book of the Year Award Shortlist El final es bueno. Marissa se ve enfrentada a una situación imposible y hay que reconocer que la resuelve. No estoy muy segura de que sea la mejor manera, pero desde luego impacta.

This book is excellent. Pacy and clever and intriguing. Eithne Shortall, author of THREE LITTLE TRUTHS Andrea Mara's tight plotting and convincing characterisation make her books both compelling and intriguing.' Liz Nugent, author of Lying in Wait

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Irish Times Top Ten bestselling author Andrea Mara, has written her UK debut “All Her Fault” - a mystery domestic thriller where secrets and lies can rapidly rip a family apart when they start to be revealed. The Irvines, who are quite well off await a ransom demand that never comes and Marissa’s anguish is palpable. Jenny is feeling guilty as it is her nanny who is to blame and the local gossip mongers are vicious in their assessment that Jenny didn’t do her due diligence in choosing this nanny even though she did. Jenny does what she can to help the Irvines to assuage her feelings of guilt but there is no progress. Los secundarios tampoco tienen desperdicio. El trío de padres que critican en las puertas del colegio a la entrada y salida son para echarles de comer aparte. En más de un momento pensé que si la Sarah se mordiera sin querer la lengua, se envenenaba fijo. Corrosiva es poco. Adeline, la suegra de Jenny es otra que también destila veneno por todos sus poros. Marissa llega a la dirección exacta, a la hora acordada, a recoger a su hijo Milo. Es la primera vez que recibe una invitación a jugar con un niño de su nuevo colegio. Pero la mujer que abre la puerta no es la madre que ella esperaba. Tampoco es una niñera. Y Milo no está en esta casa. Así comienza la peor pesadilla de todas las madres y padres. The police are called in and a search begins. The nanny is the first port of call, but she is supposed to be off for that day, hence the convenience for Marissa of the arranged playdate. Could it be a simple mistake? Did the nanny take Milo? As Marissa starts to grasp the enormity of her situation, she experiences a fear like never before. Who would take Milo? And why?

Immediately compelling, All Her Fault explores every mother's worst nightmare and delivers deftly original twists. - Phoebe Morgan, author of THE BABYSITTER All Her Fault played on my worst fears and kept upping the stakes . . . I didn't predict any of the twists and turns.' Sarah Pearse, bestselling author of The Sanatorium What I thought was intriguing was how Andrea Mara looked at how gossip spreads and the different views people had on what had happened. Whenever there is a crime reported on in the news, people always have opinions on the people involved, openly sharing their thoughts and feelings. It can get very nasty on social media when this happens. Andrea Mara explores this very well in her book, and I liked how it increased the tension.

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Sharp, sophisticated, and full of suspense - everything you need for a perfect summer read. Cara Hunter, bestselling author of CLOSE TO HOME I also appreciated the addition of Irene – we don’t always get her perspective in a thriller and while I found some of the events involving her relative a bit unbelievable, I thought Irene was a solid character, which added a lot to the story. . Ditto Adeline: This added pressure added to the tension of the book. Me han gustado mucho la construcción de los personajes, tanto de los principales como de los secundarios. Marissa y Peter son la pareja triunfadora. La desaparición de su hijo marca para ellos un antes y un después.Marissa goes to collect her young son from a playdate at a school friend’s house but when she turns up, her son is not there and the lady at the house knows nothing about it. The scene is set from the outset and I was gripped. Tres mujeres forman el reparto principal: Marisa, Jenny e Irene. Además, hay bastantes personajes secundarios que harán las delicias del lector. Nos podemos encontrar desde personajes que odias hasta otros que anhelas en tu vida. Es muy variopinto el reparto y tiene cierta similitud con la realidad. Hay muchas Sarahs en el mundo. As the police investigate Milo’s disappearance, it’s suspected that his friend’s nanny has taken him. Marissa clings to the hope that she is keeping him safe and looking after him, but things soon begin to take a dark turn. It isn’t clear what the kidnapper’s motive is, and they soon find out that she knows dangerous people. This then begins to suggest that there could be a much more sinister motive. Marissa’s fear comes through very strongly, and I thought that Andrea Mara wrote this very well. All Her Fault is a fantastic read. Gripping and real, with a whole host of flawed characters, it explores motherhood, relationships and friendship in a twisted unravelling of every parent's worst nightmare. Lauren North, author of THE PERFECT BETRAYAL

All Her Fault by Andrea Mara | Review by Mairéad Hearne All Her Fault by Andrea Mara | Review by Mairéad Hearne

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry: The Ultimate Guide to Celebrating Christmas with the Best Drinks Books On The Shelves Si bien los hilos que maneja Andrea Mara son complejos, no es una novela de sacar el conejo de la chistera. Ya en la primera parte nos da una pista de por dónde va la cosa. Como es lógico no es excesivamente evidente, pero ahí está. Otra cosa es que la veamos o la sepamos interpretar. De hecho, creo, que, con la traducción del inglés, se pierde una parte de dicha pista. Si reparamos en ella el porqué de los hechos está claro. A partir de ahí es ir encajando las piezas que la autora nos va dejando. No nos lo pone fácil. Es un auténtico puzle. Me lo he pasado fenomenal haciendo hipótesis. No hay personaje que no guarde un secreto. Nos hace sospechar de todo y de todos. What a cleverly crafted story this is. Focusing on four different women, we are slowly drip fed snippets of information revealing the secrets at the heart of ordinary lives. The story is extremely well written and told from different characters perspectives. The characters are complex. I was hooked from the first chapter, hoping that Milo would be found safe and sound. Filled with red herrings, I found this book hard to put down. I highly recommend this book. Andrea Mara has a new fan! This is a dark and gritty mystery, a psychological thriller which is really well written and very easy to read, in fact, it’s gripping from beginning to end. The characterisation is excellent although it’s fair to say that some are far from likeable. Marissa’s emotions are really well portrayed and you feel her pain and although Jenny has nothing to feel guilty about, you feel that too. The ‘ judgey’ school gate witchy coven of the wealthy Dublin area adds an intriguing but fist clenching dimension too. There are some very odd dynamics in the book which do lead you down a certain path of suspicions and the odd red herring deceives you somewhat! The breath taking tension ramps up, the plotting is very clever and the brisk pace is maintained throughout. I did have some of the plot dots but I hadn’t managed to join them up correctly so they made the actual picture! There’s a trail of destruction, some HUGE secrets and ginormous lies which makes you wonder how some people live with themselves. The twists keep coming right to the end where I’m pleased to say one just dessert is most definitely served!! Andrea Mara's tight plotting and convincing characterisation make her books both compelling and intriguing. - Liz Nugent, author of LYING IN WAIT

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Marissa’s pain and anguish is tangible, and the community’s reaction is perfectly depicted throughout. Blame and speculation are rife as the rumour mill sets itself in motion. Small towns will always breed gossip and Kerryglen soaks up the drama in spades. The school gate politics, the clique behaviour is evident in most communities today and Andrea Mara expertly brings to life all the personalities and chatter that accompany them. Andrea Mara has an uncanny ability to unnerve you and prey on your own everyday irrational fears and worries. For me, the anxiety and trepidation involved in choosing the right childcare and entrusting your child in the care of someone else is captured perfectly here. Her thrillers are distinctly Irish and yet universal in theme - I loved the politics at the school gates and the bourgeoise notions of the residents of Kerryglen. While it didn’t quite grip me in the way that The Sleeper Lies did, it’s still a great read. Si hay algo que valoro en este género es la sorpresa, y este libro lo ha conseguido. La autora ha ido desmontando mis hipótesis conforme avanzaba en cada capítulo. The Top 25 Christmas Cookbooks for 2023: A Smorgasbord of Inspiration for a Happy Foodie This Christmas Someone has taken Marissa's child; the fun in this fiendishly twisting narrative is trying to work out who that might be.' Irish Independent

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