Numatic HVB160 Cordless Henry Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner with 2 x 36 V Batteries for Longer Run Time, 9 Litre, Red/Black

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Numatic HVB160 Cordless Henry Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner with 2 x 36 V Batteries for Longer Run Time, 9 Litre, Red/Black

Numatic HVB160 Cordless Henry Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner with 2 x 36 V Batteries for Longer Run Time, 9 Litre, Red/Black

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The Henry HVR160 was our former appliance editor Jen's favourite vacuum cleaner. It's robust, versatile, and easy to move around to clean up messes big and small. It also comes with an affordable price tag. The EcoBrush came in handy during testing for giving upholstery and stairs a once over, according to our vacuum expert Jen. Another standout feature is the impressive suction that works well on carpet and hard floors, part in thanks to the universal floorhead. It has a useful hi/low feature which allows you to switch seamlessly between the more powerful 1,200w and a lower 600w mode. It’s a great way to manage your electricity use. For most jobs, 600w will be more than enough power to get the job done, but occasionally, for really stubborn tasks, you might want to switch up to the more powerful 1,200w. This allows you to do just that. In the light of recent European legislation, though, Numatic have released a less powerful 620w model, but they’ve put in a huge effort to tune this up so despite the power drop you still get excellent performance – capable of meeting any job. Everyone struggling with storage space needs to consider size limitations before they buy from the Henry vacuum cleaner range. The smaller models will work best for smaller homes – but come with less dust bin capacity. We recommend the Henry Micro for smaller homes. The largest of the Henry vacuums is the George, which is a 4-in-1… although the Charles comes close. Colour & Style

An additional versatility with the Henry range are the bags. You can use the same set of bags throughout the majority of their machines. The wet and dry, the pet hair, and the larger models all use a one-size-fits-all-capacities bag. It makes it easier to shop. Durability & Reliability​ Some people prefer the ability to wind the cable in and James allows you to do that. He also has a caddy in which he can nicely store away and attachments. A plugged cable means it is pretty easy to replace the mains cable.

Yes, certain models are able to clean things like your drains, standing water, or any spillages in the kitchen or bathroom. The Charles and the George are both made to be wet and dry vacuum cleaners. While the George also cleans carpets and upholstery, the Charles is able to sook up spillage without exploding. I have allergies. Do Henry have a vacuum cleaner I can use? We have covered just about everything there is you need to know before you make your choice. The Henry vacuum cleaner range is extensive and iconic. There is a high chance that they will be the only thing to survive a nuclear explosion and still work. Most of these machines have only one or two controls. An off/on switch and the cord winder. They may have a high/low setting (like the traditional Henry) and they may have a wet/dry setting (like the George). Finally, the Xtra can switch between hard floors and carpets as a special feature. Storage There are different aspects of Henry vacuums that come with a class rating. Energy Efficiency is one, suction another. There may be more. As a general rule, Class A is the best you can buy. A Traditional Henry has an Energy Class A rating, for example. Other Considerations to Make Before Buying a Henry Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes to battery life, the Henry HVB is equipped with two batteries that have 30 minutes of charge respectively. Sarah found that those 60 minutes of cleaning time were more than enough for dealing with all of the messes her home threw at her. You would expect him to be cheaper than a regular Henry. Does extra storage space make up the extra in cost? The suction. Hands down. It lifted up the biggest, heaviest rug Jen has in her house. That means it can get deep into carpet pile, which is reassuring and satisfying at the same time.In Britain the Hoover became synonymous with the word vacuum cleaner. Around about the same time as this was happening (the mid-80’s) was when Henry vacuum cleaners were first making a rise. We will forever have the Henry as a result. What’s the best Henry for dog and cat hair? It comes with that large 9L capacity dustbin, fantastic reach, and has multiple attachments included.

Henry’s little sister is Hetty. She comes with all the same features as Henry, but the introduction of Eco technology helps you to save the planet and your wallet at the same time. A smaller size means she’s easier to store, but a 9-litre bag capacity, means there’s plenty of dust storage room.

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Although it isn't the biggest Henry vacuum, the 6-litre capacity was more than enough for Jen's family home too, even with ongoing DIY projects. One of the great aspects of this is its allergy retention, which is great for those of us who start sneezing every time the dust gets agitated. Our reviewer Linda was the perfect candidate to try out the Henry Allergy vac. Her busy family home has three dogs and a family member who suffers from allergies. In her testing quest, she discovered that the HEPA filter at work here is good for keeping dust at bay and that the large capacity and bagged design mean you're more likely to keep allergens out of social spaces. In terms of performance, Linda found that the Henry Pet aced the tests she set out for it, whether that was taking care of spilt flour or getting behind her radiators to banish dust.

Alas, there is no choice. All of the Henry vacuum cleaners in the range are floor vacuums. That just means that they don’t stand upright, and that they roll around on the floor on wheels. You drag the vacuum along behind you while you use the hose. The Harry has won Which? Best Buy awards for basically being brilliant. It’s good enough at removing pet hair that they give it their stamp of approval. The cherry on top is that it is an energy class A. Plus the Airobrush and the extra attachment for hard floors. The battery takes 150 minutes to recharge, which again is up there with the best. You can buy an extra battery if you want to double up on cleaning time, but considering we never ran out of juice, we don’t believe it’s necessary for any home with four-five bedrooms or less. Detailed below are what you should look for – or what you should ask yourself – before you buy your Henry vacuum cleaner. Dust Bin CapacityIt can clean wet spills, dry dust, scrub carpets, and clean upholstery. Essentially it is a 4-in-1 carpet cleaner and vacuum. Only one of the included attachments is designed for cleaning up hair. The rest are normal Henry attachments. Only one of the included attachments is designed for cleaning up hair. The rest are normal Henry attachments. A unique aero-brush is great if you have pets in the house. It provides an outstanding level of cleaning with carpets and is the perfect tool for cleaning up pet hairs, as well as those bits of pet food that don’t quite stay in the bowl and other edibles such as cat grass. A hard floor brush means it can continue cleaning on hard floor surfaces while a 10m power cable provides extensive reach.

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