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Catfight Stories Book 2

Catfight Stories Book 2

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good story. you have told some of that story here, so I guess we should say, "Thanks for the scoop." why not put the whole story here. Miss Lynn Sexpot played by Britney Spears vs. Miss Kenedy Tightass played by Cori Nadine Story by ???????

Ferocious feuds between women—colloquially known as “catfights”—have a long and complicated history in cinema. Are they exploitative, degrading moments that cater to the straight male gaze? Often times, yes. Are they show-stopping, gasp-inducing scenes that you find yourself wanting to watch over and over again? Also yes! I'm more excited than frightened. I know that I'm not allowed to show. I remain flabbergasted. I hardly get air. My heart beats, that I almost burst the veins.I tell this true story of a catfight. Although it is hard to imagine that the fight has played as I tell it here. It is not an invention, not a fake. It happened exactly as I describe it here. Although to date no one has seen it. Thanks for stopping by. FemfightChronicles is dedicated to those of us who enjoy writing about women fighting women. Stories involving all forms of female combat will be posted here. Wrestling, boxing, cat fighting and fist fighting. Fantasy fights involving mythical creatures such as fairies, mermaids even TV characters will be accepted. W bangs her right fist in Martha's belly button. Again I hear it loud clap and see the belly wobble.

On this day, it was very hot. I lay down on the bed because I could not stand in the sun. But Martha had been sitting in the sun. Now it was her too hot. She has come to tell me that she wants to take a shower shortly. As unobtrusively as possible while I watch her body in the stomach into the oppressive slip, stresses his stomach so beautiful, the belly of approximately 8 cm from the front and has a distinct approach has to hang. When they leave my room I can still see how it opens the upper part of her bikini. Unfortunately I can not catch sight of her breasts, she disappears behind a wall already. I hear she has reached the bedroom and imagine her naked body. At that moment the bell rings. Although Stanton's official debut was after the war, it is very likely that Stanton already drew the daily panel 'Tin Hats' from July 1942 until November 1944 for the Bell Syndicate, as was discovered by Dutch scholar Ger Apeldoorn in December 2013. If you are planning to go anywhere with your Mary stories, and i bet you do have more to tell, you ought to look into copywriting atleast some of them. No matter what, just keep them coming. And put them here FIRST instead of with DTV. >Tell me, did you get a copy wright for the story. I am interrested, as i have written many stories which i have never put into print. Many true, and some immaginated. i never even thought of copywrite until i wrote a whole pile of stories meant for a very specific audience. the stories were true and specifically of a certain specific group. somebody got hold of the stories and sent them to a newspaper. I have not been able to read them in the newspaper (a friend is saving them for me to see later on when i get the chance>>> tennis ball friend) the person who put them into the paper got copywrited. I'm not angry, at the news guy but wish i had done my homework before hand instead of later hand. Tomorrow, August 25, 2005, go to the New Stories section (It's free) of Diana the Valkyrie: By pitting two glamorous stars against one another and having them get all rough-and-tumble, there’s an inherent queer appeal to the movie trope. Plus, it’s worth noting that one of the earliest and most celebrated filmic catfights can be found in the 1939 Western, Destry Rides Again: A long, unbroken brawl scene between Una Merkel and none other than Marlene Dietrich, one of the original gay icons of the silver screen. Martha was on the balcony and there had sunned. She had worn the thong bikini to which my sister and I were talking about it. We did have to persuade a bikini, because due to the slight weight of large breasts and she wanted to wear a bikini. But after we had convinced her that she could wear a bikini, she wore it every time they wanted to take a sun bath on our balcony. Martha has hardly found its balance and instinctively put out her arms to keep the hated west ... with outstretched arms. With both arms outstretched trying to reach their destination, a scuffle, during which opens Martha's dressing gown almost to the waist. Her swollen belly can imagine and it is clearly visible that they have a sagging breasts, although her breasts almost completely covered by the robe.

Let me" put on my bra, Martha begged and is concentrated on something. "Why," asks, ... W, while her left fist slams on Martha's chin. The impact depends on Martha, dazed, she is leaning against my door frame. "My ... sagging breasts ..." begs Martha. In response reaches west with his left hand the collar of the robe, Martha wants to dodge to the side so that the mantle rises all over now. The naked sagging breasts, the belly moves and falls in breathing. I see that my mother has a distinct approach to the potbelly, sagging breasts especially. I mean in her eyes to make out that the blows humiliate them less than the fact that of all the W does just that.Again I hear it clap loudly when Ws fist hits just above the belt in Martha's soft belly. "UAAAH!" Martha cries briefly, bends down on her breasts dangling almost in the open bathrobe. The right areola is not covered in half. AAAHH!" Martha moans and writhes far forward. She holds her belly with both hands. She chokes .. I just have to watch as her dangling bare, empty breasts. Instinctively, Martha has seen to it where the last stroke has done her so much. And when they had to bend it, even they had to see how much her breasts hang and dangle. She raised her eyes and looks at W's face, obviously confused about the fact that the west can not now imagine but only saw it, that it is so h?ngebr?stig. Now imagine that the west not only can but knows that she has better boobs than Martha. Even if the W has not taken off is obvious that their breasts do not hang so much like Martha. This group is now two years old. Over the past couple of years many stories and pictures have been submitted. The focus of the group is still upon the written word. We have relaxed the original rule and allow pictures without narrative. We hope that some writers will work with artists to add narrative to pictures. This has proven true in a few cases. Immediately opened the door brutally, so Martha must recede. It is the neighbor ... W, has already created with the Martha forever. The image of a pub landlady who allows their children too much freedom added fit, not Martha. Again and again she had complained about the neighbor. This neighbor is now in the apartment. It is the age of Martha, a maximum of 3 cm smaller than Martha and with almost the same weight. Only W'S breasts are small, at most a 80 B Spurred by the pain, Copper made a mighty effort to escape the pin, clawing, scratching, and hitting, only to windup having Raven firmly on top, pinning her chest and left arm. Copper turned her head to bite Raven’s thigh. Raven having none of that caught Copper by the throat and started to pound her head on the sand. Then, getting a better grip on her enemy’s throat, Raven started to squeeze.

For the first time suggests one of the adversaries not to the head. Using their entire body weight suggests a clenched right fist W the naked body of Martha's belly, the lower tip of the V. clapped loudly when W hits his fist on his bare stomach. A short sharp cry of Martha, which curves away. I can see how her breasts swaying in the bathrobe. A short scream. Martha's upper body tilted forward. The first time I understand that her body is soft and flabby. For a brief moment, she remains with a fixed stare at that. Then she collapses. Naked and helpless it is in the corridor. The W is simple. I had often been seen naked on the beach or at home. Although it was very hard fact to raise me and move her belly looked rather soft. Their power was limited to clear her arms.


It was late on a summer day. I had just turned 15th I do not remember exactly, but it will probably have been the end of August to be. In any case, my mother - let's call her Martha - nice tan and the doors of the house stood. My room was just to the right of the entrance door. I lay on my bed and could see toward the front door and the corridor. But as I was, I could move away from there without the help Martha alone. Fantasy stories involving fictional characters in catfights and sexual fantasies. Superheroines, TV characters, Cheerleaders and many more battle it out for your satisfaction.

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