Catstronauts: Mission Moon: 1

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Catstronauts: Mission Moon: 1

Catstronauts: Mission Moon: 1

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What follows is a fun chaotic race to be the first and I loved that we met more couples/more space agencies. I loved their names, they made me laugh (and some made me hungry). I did think it was a bit weird how fast everything happened. I mean, time didn’t seem to go that fast, so for my feeling it was just days. But it is probably months because haha, you just cannot make a good spaceship in a day or so. Plus, of course you also have to wait for the right time. Because Mars/Earth need to be on one line and blabla bla. Book Genre: Childrens, Comics, Fiction, Graphic Novels, Humor, Middle Grade, Science Fiction, Sequential Art In the end, though, this turned out to be a story about learning to work together. The supposed villains really weren’t.I loved seeing Pom Pom and Gemelli bonding over their shared love of science, and it was kind of nice to see that even the oh-so-serious Major Meowser wasn’t infallible. I was also glad that Cat-Stro-Bot got to have a role in this story too, although its part in the story became a little chaotic and confusing near the end. Yogi and Uma from COOKIE have just finished the module for the new space garden on the intenational space station. The CatStronauts are going to install it while performing some maintenance on the space station. Their project goes haywire when Pom Pom takes on too many experiments. The space garden becomes overcome with weeds. Trying to fix it leads to another even worse problem that is life threatening to the CatStronauts. This is the easiest version to play, so if you're looking for something to play as a family, Tinderblox Day is for you.

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Some aspects young readers may like: The four teams have cute names, the cats are mostly gender-neutral, the cats come in all colors & stripes, the colors are muted but the feeling is light and crisp - which effectively mirrors the matter-of-fact tone that goes with the science focus of the story. Book Genre: Animals, Cats, Childrens, Comics, Graphic Novels, Humor, Middle Grade, Science Fiction, Sequential Art IN this book we continue the story of the last book, we see how our Catstronauts are having all the parties, all the foods, all the awards, and more. And that people, sorry cats, are jealous of that! Oh yes. And so a fight to Mars comes to the idea and I loved it! OK, I didn’t love those two cats that much (attitude and mean) but I did love the idea of going to Mars. Those award ceremonies got pretty dang boring ya know (and apparently not just for me but for our cats as well).

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Tinderblox Night is a limited edition of Tinderblox, that is only available directly from Alley Cat Games. Neither the story nor the illustrations get bogged down in technical info about space travel or science, it stays within the interest-level, reading level, and scientific framing that will most likely make readers in 2nd-4th grade feel comfortable. Four out of five stars due to the fact that the book has the flaws of the cinematic counterparts made in the 80s and 90s. Brutal and grim Russians who inexplicably alternate between rage and amiability may be a reflection on how any human interaction and perception of others may be skewed when each participant considers the other ultimately hostile and incomprehensible.

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All in all, the first volume was a little more fun than this one, but this one seemed to be a bit more solid and well-thought-out. The numerous space-based acronyms are funny, but for someone like me who has lived in acronym hell (AKA the military) for a couple of decades, it got a bit tiresome. I did, however, appreciate that the teams include male and female cat space explorers. The first two books were released apparently simultaneously, and the third book is expected to be published by Halloween this year. So either the author had a number of stories created and ready for publication or he is an incredibly fast artist.A side note: this volume made me realize that I’d made some character design assumptions that weren’t necessarily true. For example, cats whose eyes were drawn so that they had eyelashes were female, while cats whose eyes were just dots were male, meaning that all the CatStronauts were male. Or so I thought. I don’t know if pronouns were used in the first volume and I just missed them, but the second volume definitely referred to Pom Pom using she/her pronouns. When reading this book I was thinking of space disaster movies and how the plot lines usually present a combination of the epic pressure of defending the national/ all-human pride while also exploring some personal drama of one or two main characters. Race to Mars creates a world much in the same way as those movies: characters are sketched out enough to gain some development, impending problems and play on which characters know about them create layers of development that hold us in suspense.

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The stories are entertaining and humorous, but just don't have the charm we found in Binky's stories. Perhaps it's because our girls are older than the target audience for these books, but they weren't overly enamored of them. All in all, I am happy they added this book and the sixth. I am a bit worried about reading the 6th book without the rest, but I also cannot wait. XD I would recommend this book and I think everyone will enjoy the race!I discovered the first two books at our local library, and considering how much we enjoyed reading the saga of Binky the Space Cat by Ashley Spires, I thought this might be another hit with our girls.

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