The Chase Ryder Series: Complete Series: 1-3

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The Chase Ryder Series: Complete Series: 1-3

The Chase Ryder Series: Complete Series: 1-3

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And the Adventure Continues: The end of the first book has Chase leave for the Quarters, hoping to use the pendant to activate an elevator that will take him to Uptown Sector Ryst and hunt down Trigg before he can start a war against the City. Dark Is Not Evil: Despite the Wrench Crew being a gang and Chase identifying himself as an Anarchist, he's a kind-hearted man looking out for a pair of twins he took under his wing. It's worth mentioning that the term "Anarchist" In-Universe seems to refer to people who do not tolerate Uptown's corporate machinations and openly rebel against them, rather than causing chaos and destruction wantonly for little to no reason. Chekhov's Gun: In Chapter 2, Chase discovers a pendant in the Councilman of Welfare's home, implied to be the "key" mentioned in the journal that will guide Chase to the way towards the Underground. The pendant also allows him to activate the machine-mechs and overwrite their commands, giving the resistance a potent and very powerful weapon against Trigg. Riddle for the Ages: The Day of Age causes anyone who turns 21 to lose all their memories. Why it happens and what causes it are entirely unknown. Chase is in no hurry to figure it out, nor does he care to since his goal is to find a way out of the City and to the Old World.

Straz's actions are unfortunately those of betrayal, casting aside the Wrench Crew in favor of his plans to take over all of Sector Ryst — the working-class district of the Last City. Chase narrowly escapes death and awakens in the Slums, the underbelly of the City and home to the beast-born, a group of humans with bestial features. Yud, one of the faction leaders of the Slums, offers to help Chase return to Sector Ryst in exchange for his help in finding Arlan the Revolutionary, a Hope Bringer among the beast-born aiming to give beast-born as much power as their fellow human-born. Unfortunately for Chase, his timing could not be worse as the Slums are about to be engulfed in the beginnings of a war. Amnesiac Hero: Like most of the residents in the City, Chase has no memories past the last two years of his life, having already undergone his Day of Age. Whyte also underwent hers a year before the start of the story, though unlike most, she managed to retain some of her memories.Dead Person Impersonation: The Big Bad is revealed not to be Trigg, but someone assuming his appearance and starting the war in the Slums. The group doesn't realize this until after they've identified the real Trigg's rotting corpse in Inztyl. Not Using the "Z" Word: The animal-hybrid characters in the series are not referred to as "beastmen", "hybrids", or even "demi-humans" as they would in other fantasy settings. Instead, they're called "beast-born", though their apparent actual name is "Animan", a play on the words 'human' and 'animal'. Laser-Guided Amnesia: Everyone who turns 21 loses all their memories. What causes this and why it happens are unknown, but it's become so ingrained in the city people treated it as an everyday occurrence. Chase himself underwent it two years ago, and Whyte Holiday from the Slums had her Day of Age a year ago. Unlike many of the City's inhabitants, however, she actually managed to retain some of her memories.

Chase Ryder and the City of Lost Memories is a self-published novel series written by T.J. Howard, also known as by his online handle Sky Rig on FanFiction.Net and Sufficient

Under City: The Slums is located beneath the Quarters, considered an official "sector" within the City and the place the beast-born call home. Originally serving as a production area and hosting several power plants, an unexplained meltdown occurred a hundred years ago and damaged several of the production facilities and power plants. Despite numerous problems, the beast-born managed to eke out a living and carved out little territories of their own, living under the protection of the "tribes" who control said territories. Fiery Redhead: Downplayed with Whyte. She has red hair, but she's not so gung-ho that she'll potentially risk her men and tribe in a fight. Happily Adopted: Although a full-grown adult when he met Gabe, Chase nonetheless considers the latter to be the closest thing he has to a Parental Substitute after having woken up with zero memories to his name. Chase doesn’t want his best friend (and human lover) to feel left out. So he’s going to pay Ryder a visit... and bring one long, hard, and HOT present with him. Language: English Words: 13,563 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 11 Kudos: 10 Bookmarks: 3 Hits: 1,408 Find the Cure!: In Chapter 9, Whyte explains she's also looking for the Underground, believing that any information stored there may help her restore the Slums.

Ambition Is Evil: Discussed in Intermission: Straz. The Wrench Crew leader created the gang after a Snake Eyez who had his throat with a knife discussed the meaning of having ambition and what to do with it. Straz took his captor's words to heart when the latter said whoever had the ambition to take over Downtown would control all of Ryst, having abandoned his own gang to the City's State Sec in exchange for a Councilman providing him the means to take control of Ryst. Wham Episode: The last chapter shows the aftermath of the civil war and the set-up for Part 2: Revolution. Yud reveals to Whyte and Chase that the body Kyr found in Chapter 8 belongs to Trigg, who was on the receiving end of a Kill and Replace plot by the Regent and a doctor, the latter being the one to instigate the civil war in the first place as part of a test to see whether someone, implied to be either Yud or Chase, was up to snuff based on their "leadership ability" and that Phase 2 of the plan is about to begin.Aerith and Bob: The cast has a mix of mundane names like Chase and Whyte, whereas other characters have more curious ones like Kyr and Yud. Even Evil Has Standards: The Regent is not happy to learn that Phase 2 of his and the doctor's plan will involve a very high death toll.

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