final A5000 Single High Precision Dynamic Driver IEM Earphones With Detachable Cable

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final A5000 Single High Precision Dynamic Driver IEM Earphones With Detachable Cable

final A5000 Single High Precision Dynamic Driver IEM Earphones With Detachable Cable

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Switching to Turbine Gold, I think it sounded closer to A4000 than IE80 and FX750. The Turbine Gold also has a similar soundstage and clarity as the A4000. The Turbine Gold has metal shells so they are heavier and not as comfortable as A4000. The Bass of this single dynamic driver IEM is fairly impressive. It extends well into the sub bass region and offers consistent decay and rumble. I was unable to detect and bleeding into the mid bass region, which was clean but offered good impact. It is not extremely elevated in this region and some bass heads may want more but overall; I would say it is enjoyable. The speed of the dynamic driver in this range is what left the biggest impression. Bass slopes downward to the mid-range without any extreme dips or steepness.

Final A5000 first impressions : r/headphones - Reddit Final A5000 first impressions : r/headphones - Reddit

Final Audio A5000 – Again, the bass is so good here. Deep and textured. There are touches of sibilance her voice but it’s not too bad.Finally, the cable, in both A4000 and A3000, although a 2-Pin connector, it is an OFC cable, of high quality and not susceptible to microphonics. Well this reputation is kinda deserved, but at the same time it's not. The 800S sounds much wider than other headpones, even some twice or thrice the price (the Utopia comes to mind). The A4k sounds much wider than other IEMs, even some 10x the price (use the A8000 as a comparison). But this similarity doesn't mean the A4k has anywhere near the soundstage of the 800S, we're far from it. In short, this iem cooks the A4000 in almost every way I see, with my library. Timbre was way more accurate on the A4000. The stage, although not as deep, but way wider and more holographic. Bass is noticeably thumpier with better texture, although A4000’s bass have faster transient. Female vocal sounds more lively and correct compare to A4000. Instruments like hihats and cymbal strike sounds straight up better than the A4000 due to better sustain and decay, which also means I observe more micro details on the Oxygen.

Final Audio A4000 - Reviews | Headphone Reviews and Final Audio A4000 - Reviews | Headphone Reviews and

Now that the boring stuff is out of the way we are going to get to the A5000. I did most of my listening tests price and configuration blind. I just wanted to see where it would go and how it would sound to me just out of the box.

Inside, the A5000 houses final’s latest dynamic driver the f-core DU that has a nice brass front housing: more inert to magnetic forces compared to regular aluminium used in just about a bazillion other dynamic driver earphones. The A4000 comes with 5 sizes of Type-E tips. These use a mix of stiffer silicone for the cores and softer for the flanges which makes for a very comfortable fit. Unfortunately for me, they also tend to fold and crease which makes them difficult to get a good seal with and even with 5 sizes I’m somehow between two of them where one is slightly undersized and the other creases. For my testing I swapped in Shure Olives which fit my ear better so some notes may be influenced by that change in tips. Detail retrieval was impressive at first with the A4k, and it sure is very capable in this domain, just not to the very-top level anymore. Things like the S12, the Heyday and many others have joined the fray and are giving the A4k a tough battle to fight. In my opinion the A4000 still manages to win out the others because it has many pros and almost no cons where the chinese planars always represent some compromise in their replay, be it closed stage like the Tangzu or the off timbre on the S12.

final Audio A5000: Possibly the best upgrade IEM – Project final Audio A5000: Possibly the best upgrade IEM – Project

Fit: I was very surprised by this IEM size and shape. It looks weird and has a shallow fit, but it works. I was able to wear it for the 2 hours I spent reviewing and a few hours getting used to it. These things are insanely light. The plastic shells feel like some good quality plastic with a nice texture to them. The cable is nice and light weight as well. Overall, if fit is an issue for you, this could be a winner. It’s not as good as the IEX00 series from Sennheisser, but it’s quite nice. 7/10 Their musicality remains quite serious and mature, but never boring: they are iem's that wake up with their alert rendering, always focus. Comparisons – Each comparison was made against the A5000. Please keep in mind that the IE600 is double the price of the A5000 and the IE200 is almost half the cost of the Final Audio A5000. The A5000 and E5000 have fundamentally different fits and physical designs. Rather than attempting the impossible and (in this case) entirely subjective task of deciding which provides “better” comfort, I'll instead just use this section to highlight their differences.Coated in rubberized material, the cable is like an old lamp cable with two strands melded together below the y-splitter, and single above. I often took great pleasure in pulling apart my father’s old lamp cables, with his permission of course... microphonics are minimal and much better than some others of more expensive ilk lately.

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