For Your Own Good: The most addictive psychological thriller you’ll read this year

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For Your Own Good: The most addictive psychological thriller you’ll read this year

For Your Own Good: The most addictive psychological thriller you’ll read this year

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Whatever solution eventually arises from all of this, I believe it has to come from profound creativity based on absolute truth. Not sure that can be defined, but I know that it can be felt.

For Your Own Good: Hidden Cruelty in Child-Rearing and For Your Own Good: Hidden Cruelty in Child-Rearing and

I read this for a class on ancestry. My teacher recommended it because I have German ancestry, and this book was one of the most illuminating I've read in a long time. It helped me understand my upbringing in the light of German culture, and the culture my great-grandparents, grandparents, and even ancestors earlier, were raised in. I highly recommend this book for anyone with German, or even Scandinavian or European roots. '' The original EAP line operator, who said she was sending the police to my apartment “for [my] own good” said this would save my life and “help” me. I knew I was going to lose my job, my career, and everything, and that’s EXACTLY what happened. I read the writings of these American Autism Advocates, and they tell me all the things that they thus are not able to do. But in the stories they tell, and even in that they wrote such books, they are showing me that not only can they do such things, but that their abilities are far above average. And the turning point in their lives always seems to be the point at which they no longer live with their parents. So because of his books and advocacy, parents are driving their kids to the doctor right now. Autism-Asperger’s has been a phenomenal gold strike, and child predators are booming the find in every way which you could imagine. In Heavenly Creatures, Juliet has been repeatedly abandoned by her parents or taken from places and people she loves "for the good of her health." At one point she snaps "They sent me to the Bahamas for the good of my health. They sent me to the Bay of bloody Islands for the good of my health!" Finally, when she is told she's to be separated from her heart's companion Pauline and sent to South Africa with relatives "for the good of your health", she lets out a bloodcurdling scream. Many can argue that the parents have made a serious mistake in doing this, though they certainly did not deserve to be murdered. Providersplaining (sometimes masquerading under fun terms like “psychoeducation”) is a common component of psychiatric oppression that has similar features to phenomena like mansplaining. Basically, it is when someone in a provider role explains something in a condescending or patronizing manner to a person (usually with a psychiatric history of some kind) who would typically know better than the provider would in the first place. It happens all the time, but is especially strange when a provider uses that approach to explain why we should be okay with how they’re speaking about us. Some of the bravest providers I know will at least admit out loud that they aren’t doing those things “for our own good,” so much as because they don’t know what on earth else to do. I’ve heard clinicians say, “I used to tell people I was signing their commitment papers ‘for their own good’, but now I’m honest and tell them I just don’t know what else to do… because I want them to be alive tomorrow so we can figure out the right next steps together, and I’m afraid they might not be if I don’t do something now.” Those clinicians who say that (and genuinely mean it) are among the best of the bunch, and I can at least continue to be in conversation with them. Punishment followed on a grand scale. For ten days, an unconscionable length of time, my father blessed the palms of his child's outstretched, four-year-old hands with a sharp switch. Seven strokes a day on each hand: that makes one hundred forty strokes and then some. This put an end to the child's innocence. Whatever it was that happened in Paradise involving Adam, Eve, Lilith, the serpent, and the apple, the well-deserved Biblical thunderbolt of prehistoric times, the roar of the Almighty and His pointed finger signifying expulsion-I know nothing about all that. It was my father who drove me out of Paradise.

For Your Own Good: Hidden Cruelty in Child-Rearing and the For Your Own Good: Hidden Cruelty in Child-Rearing and the

If] . . . a man was coming to my house with the conscious design of doing me good, I should run for my life." The issues raised by paternalism arc important ones, with implications for many of our public and private practices. They call on us to recognize the fine line between care and concern for the well-being of others and respect for persons as people of their own choosing and creators of their own destinies. With excellent pacing and smooth, well timed movement between the different characters in the story, she keeps the reader fully engaged and fascinated, waiting for the next twist this story will take. Samantha Downing has made For Your Own Good almost impossible to put down!” In truth, “for your own good” is most often code that translates to “for my own good.” (FMOG) In other words:Now, Alex Plank is livid about what has been going on in France, not really taking Autism seriously, and dismissing this ~neurological difference~ idea entirely. But France has elected a neoliberal government, and so even if people did not see how much neoliberalism depends upon Autism-Asperger’s and on other things like that, I am sure that now they are coming to understand. Changes are being made in France. I think they will be subjecting children to the same kinds of behavioral tortures which children are being subjected to in the United States.

For Your Own Good - TV Tropes For Your Own Good - TV Tropes

The one being observed has his or her own reality (feelings, beliefs, judgments), to which they–and all of us–are entitled. If it does not match what is being observed, then the observer would more than likely be missing important information, which they may or may not ever receive. That would completely depend on what the person being observed is willing to share or reveal, or not. Transparency is a choice. Trying to fill in the blanks with speculation (projections) and taking action based on that is what I would consider to be really unfair to a person, and moreover, extremely violating. To me, this is the essence of injustice. Providing your ideas in writing. That gives recipients time to diffuse their defensiveness. It's particularly wise to put your idea in writing when you have an idea during a meeting. Offering it in the meeting risks turning off a number of people. Of course, occasionally share your idea but less is more. Decide whether a particular idea should be brought up in the meeting or afterward by writing to one or more participants. Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019): Exaggerated on a global scale by Emma Russell. Unlike Jonah, Emma genuinely doesn't want all of humanity to go extinct. She rationalizes her plan to let the Titans devastate civilization as a necessary evil to prevent mankind from causing our own extinction via global warming, as she's overly confident that the government (whom she points out Monarch can't stop this late into the game, a pointer for which no-one has a real retort) will succeed in exterminating the Titans if they try. Mark directly calls Emma out for thinking that she alone has the right to dictate the fate of the entire human race all on her own. Paternalism may also be warranted in situations in which, because of our shortsightedness, impulsiveness, or carelessness, we would want to have our freedom restricted, especially when dangerous and irreversible consequences are involved. Not all of our decisions are considered, careful decisions that take into account our long-run welfare. A motorcyclist who refuses to wear a helmet will be more likely to wear one after an accident. Here paternalism is justified to protect a person's future self from the shortsighted or foolish choices of his or her earlier self. Powerful magnetic fields, which change rapidly with time, induce currents in the axons of the nerve cells inside of his brain. He feels that this makes him “normal”. But it only lasts for a while, then things return to how they were before.

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