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To use, simply light the jute bag, which burns the substance within. The firebags are intended to burn for about two hours, giving you plenty of time to relax by the fire. For those who want to extend their time by the fire, Goodwood has the "Four Evenings By the Fire" bundle. This set includes four Firebags and a 30-pound box of firelogs that can be fed to the fire to keep it going. Kunfayakun Global Treasures Limited (KGT) at Kunfayakun Stores, No.1, Aranse Street, Station, Sagamu, Orgub State E17, Shagamu International Market, Nigeria These rough edges will catch embers as they fall down inside the log and help it start faster. You don’t have to do the entire log, just the leading edge that faces the middle.

In this rhetorical journey you can think of fire logs as jazzed up firewood for your log fire. The ‘jazziness; comes from the production process itself. You see fire logs are made using a high-pressure compression process. Basically we place a 100% natural mix of sawdust, wax and wood waste into moulds. Then the mixture is compressed to create a log. The compression process eliminates pretty much all the moisture – leaving a super low 6-8% internal moisture level. Each log has the same shape and density meaning a more consistent burn. This gives you greater control. And again, you don’t have to have a Nobel Prize to realize that super low moisture gives you a super clean, efficient and hotter burn too! The manufacturer notes that even though the log burns in a few hours, creosote ash can continue to fall for more than a week. But you can still use your fireplace as usual.The directions on a log should tell you whether it can be used indoors, outdoors, or both. Most wax-based logs can’t be used in closed wood stoves, because they need more oxygen to burn. Some logs that are expected to generate high heat include warnings about where they should not be used, such as chimineas and small fire pits. The Flamefast Firelog is a safe, easy and eco-friendly way to enjoy a cosy night indoors. If you’re looking for a no-hassle fireplace fire-building experience with consistent performance, the Flamefast Firelog is the perfect choice. are firelogs that are approximately 230 millimetres in length and 60 millimetres in width and 55 millimetres in height, with a single groove running along three of the four faces

By carefully arranging the wood from a single log, the Swedish Fire Log produces a directional flame that burns from the inside out. Flat surface for cooking If you’re looking for something authentic with a classic feel for your garden, then the Sunshine Clay Chimenea is perfect. The embers from this small fire on top of the log should fall down inside and catch the other pieces of kindling. After a short period of time, the log itself will catch fire andthe fire will continue. Smoke leaves behind a tar-like residue called "creosote," which is a fire hazard. Specialty logs, like the Creosote Sweeping Log, contain substances that, when burned, cause a chemical reaction that can break up the creosote so it can be removed. But you should read the instructions carefully before lighting the log. If you don’t follow the directions, you could inadvertently create conditions that could send the smoke created by the log into your house instead of out your chimney. “I wouldn’t want to breathe it,” said Russ Dimmitt, director of education at the Chimney Safety Institute of America.Applied Industrial Materials UK Limited at Immingham, North East Lincolnshire, or manufactured by Oxbow Carbon & Minerals UK Limited, Windsor House, Cornwall Road, Harrogate, North Yorkshire Grillove Charcoal distributed by Treewood Harvesting, Mill End, Mill Lane, Hatfield Heath, Bishops Storford, Hertfordshire, CM22 7AA

operate to exclude or restrict our liability where such exclusion or restriction would not be permitted by There are a couple of different methods of making a Swedish Fire Log depending on the tools you have available. Here are your options: Axe a whole log As cities grow and we drift further away from our natural roots, our desire for fire remains. The good news is that it has never been easier to get logs for your fire. They come in all forms, from seasoned to kiln dried to compressed heat logs. The term ‘fire logs’ is applied to many of these types of log. However today we are focusing on one particular definition. activityBookingConfirmationUrl":"/content/centerparcs/uk/en/jcr:content.activityBookingConfirmation.json",bookingReferenceAppendedURLs":["/my-account/mybooking/upComingBooking/pay-outstanding-balance/pay-outstanding-confirmation.html","/my-account/mybooking/upComingBooking/itinerary.html","/my-account/mybooking/upComingBooking/booking-overview/detailed-receipt.html","/my-account/mybooking/upComingBooking/guest-details.html","/my-account/mybooking/upComingBooking/pay-outstanding-balance.html","/my-account/mybooking/upComingBooking/vehicle-details.html","/my-account/mybooking/upComingBooking/booking-overview.html"],

A Swedish Fire Log – also referred to as a Swedish Torch or Canadian Candle – is a highly efficient campfire for cooking.

Les Combustibles de Normandie at Caen, France, and by La Société Rouennaise de Defumage at Rouen, France If an environmentally friendly product is a must-have, you should probably pass on logs made with petroleum-based waxes. Do you need a log that’s safe to roast a marshmallow over? Generally, compressed logs are the best options, because they’re made of pure wood. You and those around you could inhale whatever you burn, so you may want to pass if you can’t determine what a product is made of. Natural wood from trees contains immense amounts of moisture. And you don’t need to be Heisenberg to determine that this doesn’t bode well for fire making. Dry wood equals better burn. So we need to get rid of as much internal moisture as possible to make the most efficient wood fuel. There are many ways to remove this moisture. We will explain one particular manufacturing process. Let’s do this peeps!

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